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4 Tips to Avoid Gum Disease (& Get Treatment) Midwest City

November 23, 2015

We’ve got surprising news for you this morning: did you know that more than half of Americans suffer from gum disease to some degree? As your Midwest City dental team, we’re always shocked by that number — mainly because the condition is extremely preventable. Learn how you can stop the damaging disease, and where you can find gum disease treatment in Midwest City if it’s too late. Keep reading to find out more from Dr. Steven Kendrick today.

Top Four Tips for Preventing Gum Disease

It’s not hard to stop periodontitis (gum disease) in its tracks. Follow these four tips and you’ll have healthy gums today, and for years to come.

#4: Kick the habit

As if you needed another reason to kick the tobacco habit, here’s one: smoking, or any type of tobacco use, is a major cause of gum disease. And once you develop the condition, tobacco use makes healing far more difficult. Kick the habit today, for the health of your gums — and everything else.

#3: Remember there’s so substitute for flossing…

For whatever reason, too many adults believe flossing is optional. But guess what? It’s absolutely not. Flossing removes leftover food particles and bacteria your toothbrush just can’t reach. Make sure you’re flossing at least daily to keep your gums in optimal health.

#2: …or twice-a-day brushing

And there’s no excuse to skip brushing, either. We know that sometimes you’re late for work or you’re just too tired to do anything other than fall into bed — but there’s never a good reason not to brush your teeth. Brush for two minutes, at least twice a day to keep your mouth, teeth and gums fresh and healthy.

#1: Stay on top of your dental checkups

When you make sure to visit the dentist regularly, you’re giving Dr. Kendrick the opportunity to check for the early warning signs of gum disease, like red, tender or swollen gums. Prevent gum disease and other oral issues by visiting your Midwest City dentist every six months, as recommended.

Gum Disease Treatment in Midwest City

Prevention is important, but if you’re one of the millions of Americans who is already suffering from gum disease you need to know about gum disease treatment with Dr. Kendrick. Your treatment will depend on your unique mouth and the extent of the disease.

  • Early treatment: Gum disease in its earliest stages is known as gingivitis, and can often be reversed with better brushing and flossing as well as a few more visits to your Midwest City dental office for extra cleanings.
  • Deep cleaning (scaling and root planing): The nonsurgical scaling and root planing method removes tartar above and below the gumline.

Call Dr. Kendrick’s Office Today

If you’ve got questions about gum disease prevention or treatment in Midwest City, don’t hesitate to contact the office of Dr. Kendrick today. Our office in Midwest City, OK serves patients from all over, including Choctaw, Del City, Forest Park, Spencer, Nicoma Park and beyond. Call us today!

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