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Overjet Dental AI – Midwest City

Benefit from Instant X-Ray Analysis

Illustration of a robot and dentist pointing to a dental implantAt this point in time, you have likely encountered and maybe even tried your hand at using AI as a tool for writing and other activities. However, have you thought about how AI technology can be used to improve your dental experience? At Midwest City Dental Center, we use Overjet Dental AI to improve our patients’ dental experiences. Continue reading to learn more about Overjet Dental AI and how it can positively impact your time at our practice.

Pixelated tooth on a dark blue backgroundWhat Is Overjet Dental AI?

Overjet Dental AI is an Artificial Intelligence-powered dental technology tool that helps dentists and hygienists diagnose and assess potential dental issues. This tool has the ability to provide exact measurements of decay and bone loss and clearly highlights it on the X-rays. This ultimately helps your dentist to more clearly see what is going on so they can put together the proper treatment plan that is right for you.

Dentist holding up an X-rayHow We Use Overjet Dental AI

Your dentist is able to use Overjet AI to improve dental care, diagnosis, and outcomes. This technology gives your dentist a precise overview of your individual teeth, previous restorations, dental implants, bone levels, and more. Having all of this information at their disposal makes your dentist more aware of any underlying issues so they are able to treat them faster and more efficiently. Ultimately, this makes diagnoses more accurate, and treatments faster yet more consistent.

Benefits of Dental AI Technology

Dentist showing a patient X-rays

Overjet AI’s technology is based on millions of patient X-rays, giving it close to 100% accuracy. In fact, it is so accurate that many dental insurance companies use Overjet AI results to instantly improve insurance claims! Here are some of the ways that AI technology can help your dentist and improve your experience as a patient:

  • Catches issues not easily detected with the naked eye
  • Data-backed diagnostic and examination support
  • Treatments can be validated and documented for insurance purposes
  • Real-time AI processing & detection
  • See your results in as few as 5 minutes
  • Accurate measurements of teeth, bone, and abnormalities
  • Exact measurements of bone levels and decay
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