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Why is it Important to Get a Root Canal in Midwest City?

May 6, 2019

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Man with tooth painWhen many even hear the phrase “root canal,” it can send shivers down their spine. However, the bad reputation that root canals have simply isn’t true. In reality, receiving a root canal in Midwest City could be the only thing that SAVES your tooth from extraction. Dentists provide patients with root canals to get them out of pain rather than put them in it. For Root Canal Awareness Week, learn the truth about the procedure and why it’s important to receive one.

Why Do Root Canals Have a Bad Reputation?

Root canals get a bad wrap because the procedure involves cleaning and removing the inner, more sensitive part of your tooth. While this does cause some discomfort, it is nothing compared to what prolonged treatment of infection or decay can do. Your dentist provides root canal therapy to remove all of the infected or decayed part of your dental pulp (the inside of your tooth) and then seal it up to protect it for the future.

The truth is that most “pain” that patients feel is after the root canal is finished. This healing process only takes a few days, and the sensation can be equated to soreness rather than pain. Your dentist in Midwest City will make sure you’re numb, comfortable, and they even offer sedation dentistry for a greater sense of relaxation.

Don’t Wait to Receive a Root Canal

Unlike other medical conditions that get better with time, dental problems will only get worse if left untreated. Specifically, a tooth that needs a root canal must be treated right away because it can have serious effects on the rest of your oral health. Infection from the tooth can spread to other parts of your mouth and even your bone. Additionally, prolonging treatment increases your risk of losing your tooth dramatically.

Avoiding a root canal not only hurts your health, but it also hurts your pocketbook. Replacing a tooth can be expensive, or if you let decay fester, you may need a dental crown rather than a filling. Restorative treatments are more expensive than receiving a simple root canal, plus, you’ll be making yourself a lot more susceptible to pain.

Now that you know more about root canals and why they aren’t as bad as you may have thought, why wait to receive one? Contact your dentist in Midwest City to take your first step towards a healthier smile for Root Canal Awareness Week and beyond.

Meet the Dentist

Dr. Steven Kendrick is a proud native Oklahoman who loves caring for patients in his community. He wants his patients to understand that root canals aren’t something to be afraid of, but that they’re a necessary treatment in various cases. He currently practices at Midwest Dental Center, and he can be reached through his website or by phone at (405) 732-0431 for any questions.

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