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CEREC One-visit Crowns in Midwest City

Have you damaged your smile? Midwest Dental Center may be able to fix it with CEREC one-visit crowns!

If you’ve damaged a tooth or have a tooth that has experienced a significant amount of deterioration, don’t worry — CEREC one-visit crowns can repair your smile faster and more effectively than ever. Dr. Kendrick uses the CEREC technology at Midwest Dental Center to examine, create, and place your dental crown during a single trip to our office. Don’t put off your necessary restorative care any longer; please call Midwest Dental Center to schedule your CEREC one-visit crown appointment today.

Close up digital image of teethWhy do I need to fix my tooth with a CEREC one-visit crown?

When your enamel is broken, your tooth is susceptible to decay and further problems. Bacteria naturally exist in your mouth, and they won’t hesitate to infiltrate a broken tooth. Once germs reach the root of a tooth, damage can be irreversible. A CEREC one-visit crown serves as the top of a tooth and protects the root and nerve from being compromised. It’s usually much easier (not to mention cheaper) to place a CEREC one-visit crown before real damage occurs, rather than extract a tooth and have it replaced — so it’s in your best interest to turn to Dr. Kendrick for your smile restoration. If you’d like to refurbish your smile and teeth, please call Midwest Dental Center to learn if your injury can be repaired with the help of a CEREC one-visit crown.

When you arrive at Midwest Dental Center, our staff will cleanse your broken tooth and remove any remaining fragments from the area. Dr. Kendrick will examine your mouth closely and determine whether or not your pearly white can be restored with a CEREC one-visit crown. If the answer is yes, then your dentist will scan your mouth with CEREC one-visit crown equipment and upload the information to a computer. Then, he’ll expertly plan the creation of your CEREC one-visit crown.

The CEREC one-visit crown machine can use precise milling tools to create your unique crown. After it has been made, all that’s left for Dr. Kendrick and the Midwest Dental Center staff to do is place it! Your CEREC one-visit crown will be made so as to ideally match your tooth. Once it’s been placed, your smile should be intact once again!

If you’d like to fix your smile with a CEREC one-visit crown, please call our office today. Midwest Dental Center sees CEREC one-visit crown patients from Midwest City, Oklahoma City, Del City, and other Oklahoma locations. And if you’re a bit nervous about heading to Dr. Kendrick to obtain a CEREC one-visit crown, ask him about our available sedation dentistry methods to ease your anxiety.

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