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Teeth whitening helps you shine on your special day!

January 29, 2016

professional teeth whitening midwest cityIt looks like the temperature will reach the 70s here in Midwest City today! It feels like springtime is just around the corner, and that means a whole host of special events are coming up, too. Weddings, graduations, reunions and more — and you want to look your very best for each one. Did you know that teeth whitening is the easiest way to get dramatic smile results, fast? It’s true. Keep reading to learn about professional teeth whitening in Midwest City today! We can’t wait to help you look your absolute best this spring and summer.

Know you look your best with professional teeth whitening

Darkening tooth enamel is just a side effect of age — and it’s something you can’t really prevent. Fortunately, it can be reversed with professional teeth whitening. At Midwest Dental Center, we offer a custom-fit, professional whitening system to help our patients achieve the dazzling smiles of their dreams in just two weeks.

Why at-home teeth whitening

We’ve helped so many Midwest City neighbors reveal their whiter teeth with professional grade at-home whitening. We prefer this option because it offers you privacy with gradual results — and also results in far less tooth sensitivity when compared to other options.

To set you up with your at-home whitening kit, Dr. Kendrick will take impressions to create your custom-fit whitening trays. These are comfortable and secure for the very best results. Once your trays are ready, you fill them with the special whitening solution once a day, at a time that is convenient for you. Wear the tray and solution for about half an hour, and you’ll see your wonderful, complete results in two weeks!

Professional whitening offers better results

Today you can find an abundance of over-the-counter whitening systems that promise better, faster results — but we’d like to remind you that when it comes to your smile, professional is always better. Dr. Kendrick says while teeth whitening is a perfectly safe procedure, it should still be performed under the watch of someone who knows what’s best for your smile. And in addition to that, professional whitening is much stronger than what’s offered over-the-counter — so for the absolute best results, always choose professional whitening.

Ready for your whitest smile? Contact Midwest Dental Center today

If you’d like to enjoy the dramatic results that professional teeth whitening has to offer, don’t wait to get in touch with your Midwest dentist. We’re busy scheduling appointments for neighbors just like you, so make sure you don’t miss out on a brighter smile this spring!

Request your appointment online today.

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