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Dentist in Midwest City Talks Mouthwash

March 14, 2016

dentist midwest cityAre you looking to add a mouthwash or rinse to your oral hygiene routine? It’s a good idea, says Dr. Kendrick, your dentist in Midwest City. Be he also wants to remind you that no matter how good the formula you choose, it’s never a substitute for thorough brushing and flossing! Instead, a mouthrinse is a good supplement to aid in solid oral health.

With that in mind, you can help to prevent bad breath, cavities and infection with the right mouthwash. Keep reading to learn more about the varieties available and which might be best for you — the dental expert is in with everything you ever wanted to know about mouthrinse!

All About Your Next Mouthwash

Swishing a mouthrinse for 30 seconds after brushing can leave your mouth feeling cleaner than ever. These formulas contain a variety of ingredients — and the one you choose will depend on your unique needs.

Cosmetic Mouthwashes

One option is what we call a cosmetic mouthwash, or one that helps freshen your breath and may leave your mouth tingling — but that doesn’t actually help to kill bacteria or reduce plaque. Cosmetic mouthwashes are ok, but you should be aware you’re not actually getting any real benefits from their use… except for maybe a boost of confidence from temporarily fresh breath.

Germicidal Mouthwashes

Another common option in mouthwashes today is germicidal, the stuff that actually helps to remove plaque and tartar to prevent decay. These germicidal mouthwashes contain antimicrobial agents, fluoride and odor neutralizers. Used in addition to solid brushing and flossing, a germicidal mouthwash can help to reduce the occurrence of tooth decay and infection.

Things to Remember When Choosing Your Mouthwash

Keep these things in mind when you’re faced with the wealth of options on the mouthwash aisle and your choice will be easier than ever.

  • Choose a mouthwash that’s ADA approved to ensure it’s effective in reducing plaque and tartar (hint: cosmetic mouthwashes are not).
  • Keep your special needs in mind. Do you need a bad breath fighter, or a little extra help keeping plaque at bay? Certain formulas will offer these benefits especially.
  • Remember whatever formula you choose, it’s most effective combined with twice-daily brushing and once-a-day flossing.

All good oral hygiene routines also include a visit to the dentist every six months. When was the last time you visited Midwest Dental Center? We can make sure your teeth are as healthy as can be — and then help you decide which mouthwash might be best for you.

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